Vivian Lee

Transaction Coordinator

(510) 451-7317 x10

Vivian’s knowledge of real estate is a product of her deep passion towards the real estate industry. After many years building her real estate knowledge, Vivian joined Valva Realty in 2011, where she continues providing her expansive experience as a real estate transaction coordinator to service clients in all facets of the real estate process.

As a member of Valva Realty, Vivian specializes in coordinating traditional real estate transactions, shorts sales and REOs for residential foreclosures. Her extensive knowledge in these areas enables her to communicate effectively with clients and lenders on sales transactions from the beginning to the end.

When handling short sale transactions, Vivian is well versed in representing clients and collaborating on their behalf. Her role consists of initiating the short sale, drafting client hardship letters, analyzing client financials and taking a proactive step-by-step approach toward ensuring the closing of escrow.

In addition, Vivian conducts extensive broker price opinions in order to ensure fair and accurate real estate valuations for listing purposes. What’s more, she assists in marketing for all Valva Realty agents, and has passed all parts of the California real estate exams of law, practice and property management.

Lastly, she serves as an assistant to all Valva Realty agents and credits her continuing education to David Valva, who has played an active role as her mentor.